In an effort to provide support and representation to the Latino community in the state of Georgia, Rafael Aragón, Community Organizer for Cobb County, and Nancy Juarez, Community Organizer for Clayton and Henry County,  were at a charla comunitaria held at the Appling County School System Title III, Part A & ESOL in Baxley, GA, where we had the opportunity to present our “Puente para la Gente” survey to the attendees.

Our charla comunitaria provided a space for attendees to share their experiences and opinions through a survey designed to address their challenges and seek effective solutions. The room was filled with around 30 Appling County School Parents with a broad representation of Latino farm and agricultural workers. Nancy and Rafa warmly welcomed attendees and stressed the importance of their active participation in the survey process, emphasizing that their voices are critical to driving positive change and progress in our Georgia Latino community.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to take the survey, whose responses are entirely confidential, giving their opinions on issues such as access to health care, education, employment, environmental justice, and other situations that directly affect them. Participants were encouraged to provide honest and detailed responses to capture the reality of their experiences and needs.

The main objective of our community meetings with the “Puente para la Gente” survey is to identify the most pressing needs and issues of Georgia’s Latino population and contribute to developing effective strategies and policies that address these issues. The data collected through the survey will be analyzed in detail and presented to the Georgia Governor and elected officials. 


Many thanks to Appling County School District Federal Program Director Norma Nunez-Corte! Thank you for allowing us to be in this space, which will help strengthen ties with our Latino and Hispanic community in Baxley, Georgia.

The community meetings of the “Puente para la Gente” survey have proven to be a valuable space for our community to express their needs and concerns. You can be a part of it by hosting one of our meetings. Click here for more information

Join the change!

Georgia’s Latino and Hispanic population contributes substantially to the development of this great state we so lovingly call home. Let’s make our voices heard!

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