This survey is designed to gather information about the needs and concerns of the Latino community in Georgia and to help inform policy decisions and advocacy efforts.

The Latino community is one of the fastest-growing communities in Georgia and is an integral part of the state’s cultural and economic fabric. However, the community also faces significant education, healthcare, economic opportunity, and discrimination challenges. This survey is an opportunity for community members to have their voices heard and to help shape the policies and programs that affect their lives.

“We bring a lot to the table in Georgia, and Georgia is prospering because of the growth of the Latino community,” says Jerry Gonzalez, CEO of GALEO, “In that way, elected officials and policymakers need to listen to what we want to happen here in our state and the survey is an important piece of that. We can do it by ensuring that our voices are united and heard, and the survey will play a vital role in our being heard in that process,” Gonzalez added. 

With the support of multiple organizations such as ProGeorgia, LCF, and CASA, the “Puente para la gente” survey focuses on building a bridge between our communities and the people at the Capitol.

GALEO hopes to submit the compiled data with recommendations to the Georgia Legislature, Governor, and local elected officials as appropriate in 2024.

GALEO is working with BSP Research, a nationally recognized pollster, to ensure the analytical credibility of the survey. The survey is available online in English and Spanish and can be completed on any device with internet access. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and all responses are confidential. The survey officially launched today and will be available for everyone above 18 or older until September 17th, 2023.

For more information, please visit or watch the video below. 

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