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Puente Para La Gente Survey Results Revealed!⁠

The Latino community in Georgia has spoken, and the survey results are in! There are many exciting findings regarding their primary concerns and aspirations for a thriving future in Georgia.⁠

UnidosUS Unveils New Hispanic Electorate Data Hub, and with Mi Familia Vota and GALEO releases Polling on Georgia’s Hispanic Voter Priorities


Hear what this key group of voters in Georgia think about Biden

Puente para la gente survey results are a point of reference for how Latinos in Georgia feel and their main concerns. CNN spoke to one of our community organizers, Andres Parra.

Survey reveals what Georgia Latino voter wants

Ahead of the 2024 election, a Georgia voter survey shows key findings about what Latino/x voters want.


GALEO preguntó a hispanos en Georgia cuales son sus necesidades. Mire las respuestas.

TELEMUNDO Atlanta interview with Jerry Gonzalez, CEO of GALEO.

Entrevista de TELEMUNDO Atlanta con el CEO de GALEO, Jerry González.

Georgia’s Latino voters list top concerns ahead of 2024 election in new survey

The rising cost of living, wages and health care access are among the top issues in a state where Hispanic voter participation has often surpassed the national average.

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New survey: Georgia Latino voters share top concerns

Issues around wages, inflation, and the cost of living continue to dominate in the lead-up to 2024.

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Puente Survey Background

Our Latina/o community has grown in the last 20 years here in Georgia, and today we represent 10% over 1 million gente in the state. The umbrella includes those from Latin America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Spain. Puente para la Gente will serve as a bridge between our communities who live, work, and drive the roads of the great state to those who represent us at the Georgia legislature. Completing the Puente Survey is more than just answering questions; it is speaking truth to power with data points. It elevates our needs, essentials, and “the American Dream” so many in our community came in search of. Our greatest strength is people power, so let’s use it to make our voices heard.  

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